Emerging Venezuelan painter, a creative expressionist working in the surreal and abstract, reflect what she knows and what she doesn’t know about her inner world. Purity in its simple and naive expression. Her work invites you to feel, it attracts and seems to come from dreams. This artist tells us her stories and songs with color as she has the gift of the pen and the melody; so we can also find in some of her paintings an authentic narration of her musical works as a Singer-Songwriter.


What and Who is Chouito?

 It is born from the need to give a name to the evocation of the expression of Mariana Risquez (Nitta) after her first impulsive works. The Chouitos is the main character of most of her paintings, the are the naive result of a being between bird and musical instrument and semi-human wind, who when observed by the artist, reminded her of the Legend (originally Paraguayan, but so Venezuelan by Nestor Zavarce and Juan Vicente Torrealba) of Pajaro Chogui


In this Legend, When the Chogui is born a life expectancy comes to life, a transformation that allows the soul of the Indian to live freely (after his death in the arms of his mother), in the form of a bird and flying free into the sky.

The Chouitos of Nitta marked a transformation in the life of the artist, and continue to evolve… They have gone from being semi-human birds to semi-human birds and air, to semi-human birds and instruments. Even the artist herself is unsure of what they will become. She is only convinced that each one carries the feeling of her moment and represents her expression and her continuous transformation as a woman as a human being.

[7:40 PM, 1/13/2020] Mariana Risques: Blessings are the reason of my life. This page is the reflection of hard work and pure inspiration manifesting in the healing paintings, lyrics and melodies of a woman, that was born to give her soul to music and art.

Thank you all,and Enjoy Artenitta